Hohner Clavinet Job

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Hohner Clavinet Job

Although I love playing a vintage clav they are not the most fun to rebuild. A customer brought this one in for a few tweaks. The hammer tips turned to gum and needed replacing (which is common). The strings were rusty and kept on snapping right at the hitch. The only solution is a full restringing job.

Got the bass section done. Now on to the next Almost done.Can be tricky lining up the strings perfectly. Looks good. Nice new strings. Now they need to be stretched a bit to hold a tuning.I decided not the re-yarn and use the Clavigel. Much easier with beautiful results. On to the hammer alignment, tuning,electronic repair. Turned out to be a much bigger job then originally thought but it needed to be done and will now go on for years of trouble free playing.

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