Yet another restringing job . . .

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Yet another restringing job . . .

A customer had a beautiful but very old Ivers and Pond full sized upright. The problem is it would no longer hold a tuning. A good candidate for repining and restringing.

Step one: put piano on its back and start taking off old strings and tuning pins

I like this kind of work because It allows me to focus on one thing and one thing only.

After that section is empty I start restringing with new oversized tuning pins

First section done!

Ah Oh. Found a problem with the bridge. Need to fix that before moving on. This slows me down a day until the epoxy hardens over night.

With the bridge repaired Im back to work. Finished the middle section. Looking good so far.

Got the bass string back from the string maker today and Im off to the races. This part is quicker then the other sections.

With sore thumbs and a few nicks and cuts Im done with stringing.

Now the fun of regulating the action and aligning the hammers to the strings and I will start to tune this beast.

I will tune it at least 5 times over the next few days. New strings take a while to settle down and hold tuning.

Another piano saved from oblivion. It is nice to have customers who value old craftsmanship and quality over cost. I’m ready for my next project!

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