Well, Grandma may not be running, but she is walking a whole lot faster than she has for quite a while. I’m very grateful for your excellent tuning job and it has been wonderful to have her back in action. No matter how decrepit the tone or the significant lack of ivory, I am still thrilled to have the sound of real wood, string and felt back in the studio. A truly amazing job! Thank you.
– Larry Kamp

Back a few months ago you refurbed the action in my old 1920’s Cable Upright Piano.  At that time, we were thinking of moving but not sure it was going to happen.  So, I started playing the piano after you did your work on it and it was fantastic.  The sound was beautiful and all the little problems with keys and action were gone.  I just wanted to say you did an outstanding job.
– Joe Randazzo

The piano feels/sounds fabulous — it’s as though we bought a new one. I’ve been playing that piano since I was 5, and it has never felt like this. I couldn’t hear myself play because I kept saying, Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much!!! Great work!
– Lynn Halpern

The first piano Jay tuned for me was my little spinet, which he treated it with respect and loving care despite its shortcomings. Since then, I’ve asked him to work on many pianos around Boston. He treats each one as a unique voice and brings out its finest sound. Jay’s a master craftsman, and if I can ever afford a grand, he’s the one I’d call!
– Siu Wai Stroshane, performer, composer & teacher since 1975

Jay is the best in town! he’s incredible at bringing old instruments back to life. I won’t let anyone else even near my rhodes or piano.
– Davy Nathan, keyboardist for Brian McKnight, Eric Benet & Roberta Flack

My husband & I bought a home that ‘came with’ a dusty old upright piano tucked away in the basement. We considered junking it, but I decided to have it tuned & fixed up for my husband’s birthday. He absolutely LOVED it! You did such a wonderful job – we can’t believe it’s the same piano! Thanks again.
– Laura Potter Walton, Salem, MA

I’ve played a thousand pianos, and so many of them are out of tune. Jay’s got amazing ears, and he really knows how to bring out the best in a piano. I wish I could take him to all my gigs.
– Brian Walkley, Boston pianist for over 30 years