Restoration & Repairs

I am always amazed to see how well vintage and antique pianos were made. The quality of materials and craftsmanship were always top notch. They were built like tanks (and almost as heavy too). It’s also amazing to see many of them in 100% original condition and still working. If you are thinking about having work done to your old upright or grand piano, here are some things to understand and consider:

Rebuilding means taking old parts out and replacing them with new ones. Refurbishing (for the most part) means repairing existing parts. Uprights from the turn of the century until about the 1930’s are usually not worth rebuilding (at least not in this part of the country). However, a good refurb can go a long way in making an old piano fun and enjoyable to play again. You would be surprised how well an old tired piano will sound and play after it has been refurbished, tuned, and fully regulated.

The first step is to have me evaluate your piano and give you all of your options.